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Each participant will have an opportunity to explore the importance of spirituality in the effective and holistic treatment of addictions.

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This two day training emphasizes the elements of community organizing, communication for.

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The trainings will aid counselors and other professionals working with women addicted to opioids and women who are pregnant and continue using opioids or contemplating recovery.

This training will look not only at why the kids are so attracted to prescription drugs and how we may be unconsciously feeding it, it will look at specific things we, as a community and as individuals, can do to stop it.Historical Trauma, Genetic Influences and Substance Abuse in Native Americans.Participants will understand that spirituality is a simple way of life.

The workshop is for clinicians to assist the recovering substance user to develop the appropriate self-management skills by using Motivational Interviewing techniques to encourage lifestyle changes for a successful recovery.See our Training Calendar for current offerings, dates and locations.This training also focuses on rules and tips for taking action, including work drug policies, legal issues, drug testing and identifying problem employees.This workshop will explore the neurobiology of trauma as well as the symptoms these neurological brain changes create.Explored will be a variety of the most commonly used ENDS products, new products being developed, and the effects of nicotine on both youth and adults.Compulsive Gambling. OASAS supports this initiative with a six-phase training. OASAS and OMH require any not-for-profit agency in receipt of.This three hour training will introduce participants to the different drugs falling under the loose heading of Club Drugs.

One of the fastest growing drug problems lies in our own homes, and is being promoted by our own culture.Participants will learn how to penetrate the barriers that often stand in the way of genuine interpersonal communications.

OASAS chemical dependence treatment programs assist about 100,000 people a day and approximately 240,000 individuals every year.Mental Health Disorders, Attachment Disorders and Acting Out Behaviors in Maltreated Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-school Children.

This 30 hour Core curriculum prevention track includes course work that provides a broad overview of the problem gambling field and that provides knowledge to enhance skills and abilities to perform as a problem gambling prevention practitioner.The emphasis is based on a therapeutic alliance which incorporates solution based techniques.The afternoon session will include an overview of program evaluation, elements of process evaluation, outcome evaluation and impact evaluation.This training will provide an overview of controlled and non-controlled substances that are being misused and abused in the community.Workshop participants will become familiar with the signs and symptoms of opioid dependence, withdrawal, and intoxication, as well as historical and ethical issues surrounding opioid use and treatment.It articulates the four stages of surrender, delineates the three divisions into which.Promoting physical, psychological, social and spiritual health, prove absolutely essential to long term sobriety.

Differential Diagnosis will be discussed along with assessment and treatment of traumatized children.This one half day training covers appropriate, accurate and efficient means for the exchange of.This dynamic educational seminar will explore our current fascination of tattoos and body modification including gang, prison and military tattoos and possible negative consequences of the same.(FIT) Focus on Integrated Treatment. person has earned an Integrated Mental Health Mental Health/Addictions Treatment Training. OASAS-certified or NYS VA.

The workshop will cover attachment issues related to heroin addiction and the reason that relapse issues occur.Teen Intervene is included in the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) as an evidenced based prevention program.New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS) Online Training and Test Portal.Reviewed will be the scope of the problem, current activity in the county and the discipline and convictions for participation.Alert helpers know how to use these opportunities to support that desire for safety.

In this three hour course you will learn a brief history of herbals, their application, possible interaction with prescription drugs and common misconceptions regarding herbals today.Developing Tobacco-Free Policies,. (NYS OASAS) Part 856 Tobacco. Describes training on tobacco use and nicotine dependence available to staff including clinical.

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Participants will learn that Risk and Protection is a framework, an approach that has been proven.Assessment and Evaluation of Clients with Chemical Dependency Issues.

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Learning self-esteem, empowerment, assertiveness and boundary setting skills can dramatically change the quality of life for such individuals.

What does research say about the increase or decrease in marijuana use.The following professionals would benefit from the training: drug and alcohol counselors, case managers, mental health counselors, social workers teachers and school counselors who work with children from traumatic homes.As a result of this course participants will gain a better understanding to the communication process as it relates to interpersonal, nonverbal, intercultural and group context.