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Rake An amount of money taken out of every pot by the dealer.This is effectively a raise, and forces any player who wants to play to pay two bets.The continuation bet,. Poker dictionary and glossary for the beginner live and. are easy to understand and you should know when to cbet and when not to cbet.

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Kindle Tutorial: How to Touch a Paperwhite. This video tutorial takes about eight minutes to show you some tips for easy navigation of the Kindle Paperwhite.Structured Used to apply to a certain betting structure in poker games.

Top and Bottom Two pair, with your two hole cards pairing the highest and lowest cards on the board.

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Set Three of a kind when you have two of the rank in your hand, and there is one on the board.Top Two Two pair, with your two hole cards pairing the two highest cards on the board.When a professional dealer (casino or cardroom) or automated dealer (online) is present - it is necessary to identify the player who would be dealing the cards because the blinds and the betting action are to the left of the dealer.Overcall To call a bet after one or more others players have already called.

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Draw Dead Trying to make a hand that, even if made, will not win the pot.

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If your chance of having the best hand is at least 1 out of 12, you should call.Come here, Amy, and do the fainting scene, for you are as stiff as a poker in that.Bad Beat To have a hand that is a large underdog beat a heavily favored hand.Table Stakes A rule in a poker game meaning that a player may not go into his pocket for money during a hand.

Expectation (1) The amount you expect to gain on average if you make a certain play.For instance, if you are on the button and raise when you flop a flush draw, your opponents may check to you on the turn.

A true maniac is not a good player, but is simply doing a lot of gambling.Extra Blind A blind put in by a player just entering the game, returning to the game, or otherwise changing his position at the table.Loc: Contemplating the realities Re: Continuation Bet Article. These opponents play a fairly straight forward ABC style of poker that is quite predictable.04-0:Agents & Environments. • Keeps a dictionary that maps percept sequences to actions. elif location == loc_A: return ’right.Fold To forfeit any chance of winning the current pot in poker.All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

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Can also mean a complete five card board that has no more than two of any suit, thus no flush is possible.

This prevents the unethical play of putting out enough chips to call, seeing what effect that had, and then possibly raising.

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Inside Straight Draw Seeking one specific card value to make a straight.BC and Manitoba's Online Casino - Safe, secure and guaranteed. BC: poker, blackjack, slots, lottery, sports, and bingo MB: poker, slots and sports betting.Check Raise To check and then raise when a player behind you bets.French Translation for draw - English-French Dictionary.